ZXRunner - Lode Runner (Android, iOS)

ZXRunner - Retro Game based on the classic arcade for the ZX Spectrum (Lode Runner)

- 150 classic levels Lode (for the ZX Spectrum) Runner.
- Full custom Control.
- Custom size screen of games.
- Advanced settings Infinite lives and Game without enemies.
- New feature: BigFire - burn three cells at once.
- Slow Mode/Normal Mode

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Great implementation! The atmosphere, the style and the sounds etc are preserved 149%. Some problems were fixed here that only made the game better. The original game was a bit buggy in terms of aligning yourself with ladders to be able to climb them. In this remake it's very smooth just the way it should be. Also, in the original game the position upon digging a hole was shifting quite a bit and felt less predictable than here. In addition, the ugly double colored aura is removed here, that is the pink enemies don't paint white ladders into pink when climbing it. Love it. Also this game is very important for me in my life"  - by Minxmu sint. 10/16/ 2018 (GooglePlay)

Free version of ZXRunner for mobile

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Attention!  At the request of the copyright holder of the Lode Runner brand, Tozai Inc, our ZXRunner application has been removed from publication in the Play Market and AppStore mobile stores. Android users can download ZXRunner from our website. Apple device users - just sorry.


Platform: Android, iOS
Release Year: 2017-2018
Developer: E140Games