Bargain Hunter (AR)

AR discount coupons on outdoor advertising billboards.
Augmented Reality Project (AR) for Android and iOS.

The project is designed to improve the effectiveness of outdoor advertising through the use of AR technology. The system allows the user to participate in the advertiser’s interactive promotions, reading individual or group discount coupons using smartphones from outdoor billboards.

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The structure of the system contains the following elements:

1. Mobile application “Bargain Hunter”: Installed on a smartphone (Android or iOs) contains an AR system reading coupons from billboards, a list of available billboards showing geo-location on a city map and conditions for promotions.

2. Server part: Receives data from the mobile application (billboard ID and GEO position) and sends data (ID of the issued coupon or information about the time of the appearance of a new coupon).

3. Client part: A custom web service used by an advertiser to create a package of coupons (including coupons linked to a geo-location of the billboard). Manual or automatic confirmation and redemption of coupons upon purchase.

The general principle of the system is as follows:

- The advertiser in the client part registers a new advertising campaign, determines the list of participating billboards, inserts images for recognizing billboards into the system, determines the number of coupons played, the conditions of their generation and the launch date of the campaign.

- The user on his device receives information about the available advertising campaigns and the localization of billboards participating in the campaign. The user finds the necessary billboard on the streets of the city and using the AR system makes a request for the server part.

- The server part confirms that the user's geo-position (with the required accuracy) coincides with the stated coordinates of the billboard, determines whether the coupon is still redeemed and, in case of successful confirmation, sends the current discount coupon to the device, informing the system that the coupon has been redeemed.

- The app receives a discount coupon and saves it as an image to the device’s gallery. The user presents a coupon when buying a product from the advertiser and gets a discount.


Platform: Android, iOS
Release Year: ~2019
Developer: E140Games